The Glass family designs and builds custom residential masterpieces noted for their luxuriously livable European style. As the third-generation head of Glass Residential Group, Rob Glass travels the globe – from Milan to Morocco, Paris to Provence, Chianti to the Cinque Terre – to draw design inspiration from the most beautiful estates in the world, and to bring back the breathtaking antiquities that give Glass projects a history, refinement and unique sense of place that cannot be duplicated. Discerning clients choose Glass Residential Group for homes that reclaim the luxury and elegance of yesteryear, while including state-of-the-art amenities. Every residence in the Glass collection is a unique work of art, reflecting the unwavering passion the firm brings to the process. You will find landmark Glass Houses on the West Coast’s most prestigious enclaves, including Beverly Park, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Newport Coast and Beverly Hills. Glass Residential has established an impressive portfolio of homes for notable clients, including Rod Stewart, Kenny G and Sugar Ray Leonard.


Rob Glass represents the third generation of the Glass Family’s immense design/build tradition. With over 38 years of experience, Glass has established a reputation as a world class builder in collaboration with his mentor and visionary father Morrie Glass. Lending his expertise and unmatched craftsmanship to each project, Rob has built and helped design projects throughout Southern California and for high profile clients, such as Kenny G, Rod Stewart and Sugar Ray Leonard to name a few. Glass possesses an unmatched knowledge of classical architecture. Responsible for many of the greatest old world estates in Los Angeles, Glass has a command of classical artisan craftsmanship, elegant finishes and European antiquities. He ensures that every home is properly outfitted with historically accurate pieces and exactly as the client envisioned. His regard for the best of the best makes every project not just a home but a masterpiece.


As a fourth generation builder, you could say that building and design is in Josh’s blood. Working alongside his father for the past ten years, Josh is a vital part of the Glass partnership.

As a former chef, Josh’s attention to detail and meticulous eye has served him well in the building industry. Taking the same hands on approach that he did as a chef when creating a delicacy, Josh’s mindset easily adapted to the family business. He is on the job site making sure each and every detail meets with perfection. As a fine estate builder and craftsman who has mastered the art of patina metal work finishes, he has been principally responsible for creating many of the alluring features seen in his projects.

For as long as he can remember, Josh has always loved architecture and design. As an adolescent, Josh was spending time on construction sites, going to lumber yards and observing the industry at work. His determination and creativity are imperative to his work and make him essential to the powerhouse father/son duo that is the Glass Residential Group.